When you move into a home with appliances already there, it’s sometimes hard to know if they’ve been properly maintained. Unfortunately, sometimes is painfully obvious they haven’t. Don’t fret, here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your new home’s appliances to make sure you get the most out of them.


The Washing Machine

Does the washing machine smell a bit musty? The previous owners were likely using too much washing detergent. What ends up happening is there’s too much soap for the water to dissolve and it leaves a residue that eventually starts to smell. Though it’s not entirely the old owners’ fault, many companies are notorious for overstating how much detergent is needed for a load. Especially when you take into consideration that the newer washing machines can use as little as 15 gallons per wash, compared to around 40 gallons the older models use. 


The best bet to fix it is to clean out the gunk as much as possible with a paper towel. Often there’s stuff built up around the gasket that seals the door shut. Also, if your machine has a tray where you add detergent and fabric softener, you can take that tray out and clean around it. That’s where the water mixes before it enters the main chamber is a prime culprit for accumulating gunk. 


After cleaning out as much as possible by hand, pick up some washing machine cleaner – usually a tablet you throw in there – and run it on hot. Do this every couple of weeks at first then switch to monthly. 


Lastly, let your washer dry out between uses. If you just finished a load, leave the door open until it’s able to dry out and it’ll prevent it from smelling funky. 


The Fridge

There’s a good chance the refrigerator you’re inheriting hasn’t been defrosted in a good long while. Before you start loading it up, it’s worth defrosting it to melt away any gross scents that may have gotten stuck in the ice over the years. You absolutely want to do this before you fill it up since it honestly never seems like a convenient time to take everything out and go through the process. Might as well do it while it’s already empty.


If the fridge comes with a water dispenser, you’ll want to replace the water filter. You don’t know how long it’s been in there so it’s good to start fresh. They’re typically inexpensive and can be ordered online and replaced with little effort. Go on YouTube and there’s more than likely a video showing you how to swap it out. 


The Stovetop 

If your gas stovetop isn’t burning uniformly or it’s weak on a certain burner (oftentimes the most used one), it’s common to have debris built up over the years clogging it. Simply remove the cap and brush it out. Fire it up and check it out, should work like a charm.