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Gizella Jarrell
Gizella Jarrell
Alex was a huge help in finding our new home in a crazy busy seller’s market. He was responsive and really honed in on what we were looking for. He managed to help us find what we needed, get closed- in roughly a month- amazing. Also we were in another state- so his willingness to look at properties and film and photo them and share info in anyway that worked for us technology wise was huge! Looking back we don’t know how we managed to get such a great choice so quickly but we know he had a big part of that. Would recommend and will use gain!
Ali Diaz
Ali Diaz
Alex was always available and was very patient in walking me step by step through the process of selling and buying. Highly recommend.
Sally Gavieres
Sally Gavieres
We had the pleasure to meet Alex when we were looking for an investment property in Sacramento. He became our most wonderful real estate agent. We highly recommend Alex to anyone who has real-estate needs ..... he is friendly, polite, respectful and we're genuinely cared for. He broken things down and made the complicated process a little easier to understand. He walked us through the entire process, so we know exactly what's happening. He is very professional and handled himself in stressful situation and we appreciate him in keeping a level head and calm demeanor when we cannot. He never gave up when things did not go as planned. He always had a backup plan readily waiting. Alex is thorough and detail-oriented who ensures that every "i" is dotted and "t" is crossed. We appreciate his honesty and he told the truth about the properties and gave us the right advice. He is reliable and know tips not available via web search. He is accommodating and communicates well and regularly keeping us well-informed. We appreciate Alex and his real estate expertise. We wish this wonderful guy all the best! ~Jing and Sally G.~
Adrian van Muyden
Adrian van Muyden
Alex was so great to work with! Super responsive, thorough, patient. We really appreciated the thoughfulness of sending house recommendations when there was a lull in our search, and refining what we were looking for. Throughout the purchase process, Alex was extremely knowledgeable and diligent, as well as being patient with us as first time home buyers. I would highly recommend Alex to any friends or family.
Taryn Mccrobie
Taryn Mccrobie
Alex was wonderful. He is responsive, flexible with busy schedules and there to assist throughout the entire homebuying process. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Sean Cutt
Sean Cutt
I don't think it gets any better than Alex! He helped me with my endless list of questions about home-buying, rental property investments, loan approvals, and had a good eye for red flags while looking at houses with me. He's also very enthusiastic and much more responsive than the other realtors I've been working with.

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I was first introduced to Sacramento by my then girlfriend (now wife!) who grew up in Land Park. I was instantly smitten, both with her and Sacramento. We relocated here from Los Angeles and currently live in Upper Land Park with our wonderful, albeit tremendously stubborn, beagle named Bailey.

I work with home buyers and sellers all through out Sacramento. I also invest in real estate out of state, so I bring an analytical approach to my practice. If you’re in need of a Realtor, please reach out let me earn your business. You won’t be disappointed!

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